Well Hello!

Thanks so very kindly for stopping by! This blog is meant to bust through the “Boring” Museum idea, and share with you some of the crazy, kooky, funky, and downright AWESOME stories behind the history of the Creston Valley and our collection of cool (and sometimes confusing) artifacts.

I have to be honest though, this is my first experience with anything ‘Blog’ related; even being the stereotypical twenty something, technology is not my second nature. Good thing writing is! Haha!

A little bit about where we come from…

Located in the South-Eastern corner of British Columbia, Creston has a population of a little over 5,500. Our main economy consists of Agriculture (Dairy/Beef, Fruit & Veggies (best known for cherries), Alfalfa/Canola, recently Cheese…just to name a few), Lumber (both sawmills over a century), the Kokanee Brewery (thats right people; Sasquatch central), and many (many) {many} talented artisans.

Unlike our surrounding areas, we weren’t blessed with gold in these ‘har hills. The start of the communities around us could almost be best described as gold rush-missing teeth-rarely bath-hole in the hat-suspenders kinda deal.

Our gold was in our fields. The mountains that surround the town not only make for spectacular views and sick hiking/skiing/snowboarding; they also create a unique micro-climate ideal for farming. With the occasional floods from the Kootenay & Goat Rivers bringing in powerhouse nutrients, you have the perfect storm. Or carrots. Whatever.

Creston is a piece of absolute heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, with little pieces of history scattered everywhere you go. Some are blatantly obvious, like Jordan’s Cabin. Others, not so much. But that’s why this blog is here now!

P.S.-(I’m really not being metaphorical; there is actually a ‘sledders’ (snowmobeilers) playground in the mountains here called Heaven…you have to go through Suicide trail to get to it though. Someone had a twisted sense of humor.)

So in the spirit of all the totally awesome and scattered stories of the valley, I present to you;

A super not boring museum blog.

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