What do a Caveman and DDT have in common?

That is not the intro to a horrible joke. Cross my heart. But it is one of the ridiculous things that came to light yesterday while moving stuff from shed to shed.

In case you haven’t heard, we have a brand new exhibit here at the Creston Museum, taking an intensive look at the local orchard industry, and how it has impacted and shaped the community. {it’s kind of a big deal.} AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDD it’s looking like everything should come together for the orchard tours too! (who says field trips are just for kids? 😉 )

The new home of lots and lots of stuff! A nice vintagey photo of the gargantuan new shed until things green up and I can get proper, good quality photos (the T is taking temporary residence in one of the bays)

The gargantuan new shed!(aka. Agrished) A nice vintage-y photo until things green up and I can get proper, good quality pics    (the T is freeloading for a bit)


So in order to put this gargantuan new shed into order and put some order into our gargantuan old shed, there is a fair bit of moving-of-stuff involved. HEAVY stuff. Like this bro right here.



Do you know what this is?

(or how it works for that matter…the donator didn’t leave instructions…)

It’s a DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) sprayer for orchards. Once the ‘do-it-all’ miracle spray (can you believe it was recommended to spray this stuff in the babies room to keep bugs out???).

This isn't the one about babies, but it is about how spraying DDT throughout homes helped increase populations in British Guiana by killing malaria carrying mosquitoes.

This isn’t the one about babies, but it is about how spraying DDT throughout homes in the late 40’s helped increase populations in British Guiana by killing malaria carrying mosquitoes.


It was also thought to be quite the catch-all for orchards, being that it killed most of the bugs and fungi plaguing the trees.

DDT was finally banned around 1972 because it is such a harsh chemical. According to http://www.science.gc.ca/default.asp?Lang=En&n=730D78B4-1, DDT can remain in water for 150 years! It had a massive effect on wildlife. It is also bio-accumulating/bio-concentrating {how do ya like them apples? Three big words in a single post!}

This means that as it works its way through the food chain, it gets more and more. So…lets use birds because they get the worst of it. Besides the bugs. Who die.

DDT on plants=bugs eat plant life=DDT accumulates in bugs(or they die with it in/on them)=birds eat bugs=accumulates in birds tissues=birds get eaten by other birds=the bird that eats the birds gets concentrations=the more contaminated stuff that the eating thing eats, the more builds up in it’s system=less birds=birds who eat birds cant eat=less birds who eat birds because there are less birds for the birds who eat birds to eat…


So it’s a little scattered, but you get the picture. It hangs out. Like an annoying neighbor. And the only thing that will get rid of it is…well…nothing. Except a long time. But in the case of that neighbor, they would die before the DDT disappeared, cuz, it lasts a century and a half. That would be one persistent neighbor…

Although in humans the effects generally only result in becoming overly acquainted with your toilet, birds got considerably the shorter end of the deal. It thinned the shells of their eggs, so when they sat on them to incubate, they would crush, and BAM. No babies.

So this now antiquated piece of equipment sits in the back of one of the bays in our gargantuan old shed, in what is becoming the catch-all bay for the time being. But it is pretty big…I’m 5’3″, and it is almost as tall as me, and at least a foot wider than it is tall.

{so here is where the caveman part comes in…}

To move it, we had to do some fancy jerry-rigging and some serious Beyonce like lifting on the hitch…

k, maybe our hair didn't look quite this fabulous. But I'm pretty sure we made this face a few times...

K, maybe our hair didn’t look quite this fabulous. But I’m pretty sure we each made this face at least once…

Theeeeeennnnnnnn came the rolling of the tires…


At this point, we were becoming very grateful that some caveman ancestor decided to copy how a log rolled, and make wheels round, not make them a square, or a hexagon, or an octagon… or anything with a corner for that matter.

'This 'wheel' thing of yours - does it have to be round or will any shape do?'

We must of been quite the sight! But, we got it moved, backs intact and only a dime sized bruise to show for not paying attention to the hitch pin!

So, if anyone would like to help us move the rest of the monstrosities that have kept residence in the gargantuan old shed (like the other sprayer that somewhat resembles a pioneer era mini-tank), it would certainly be appreciated!!!


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