Model T in the Blossom Fest Parade




truck 1model t

I suppose one could call our Model T a little bit of an attention hog. *forcefully whispers* It ‘caught the bug’. It has ‘The Spotlight Hunger’. Newspaper articles, interviews with CBC, near viral appearances on social media…

You just might be able to call it a bit of a celebrity.


self five

and, like any good celebrity, it would totally be a gracious home-grown came from nothing celeb and thank you for making it what it is today. So since it’s a truck and, also therefore an inanimate object, and also therefore doesn’t have hands, it can’t hi-5 you. I will do that for the truck.

internet five

So now that we have it all restored and running and stuff…we are hoping to have it out in the public a lot more. It is no stranger to events though, it has made a few appearances in the past… The last time it was in the Blossom Fest Parade was in 2001 when it was displayed on a flat deck (before it had any work past a new paint job and a canvas cover put on the box).

2003 saw it displayed at Kokanee Ford during a Ford Motor Company 100th Anniversary Antique Car Show. The ’21 was the oldest vehicle there!

2009 was the first time it ran since we acquired it in the 80’s when a Model T club from Calgary passed through, found the truck, [freaked out just a little from excitement], and borrowed some parts off their cars and had it chugging along within HALF AN HOUR!!

So now that it is drive-able {forward and backwards} and the glitches and wrinkles of a nearly century old vehicle have been worked and ironed out, it’s time to hit the pavement and roll!

We are hoping to see you there! Parade is scheduled to start @ 11:00am

Link your #ParadePictures of the Truck to us! #CrestonMuseum #ModelT #Rollinlikeits1921

Want to read the full story on the Model T? Click here


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