Model T wins a Blue Ribbon in the Creston Valley Blossom Fest Parade

truck 2

I think Tammy and Skip can smile a great big, huge, well deserved smile. ‘The T’ as it is affectionately known ’round here made it through the parade, and even came away with a blue ribbon! Talk about a great outcome!

It has been just about a year long process to restore this farm truck back to [safe] working order, and if you’ve been following the truck you know what kind of a milestone this is! Click HERE for the main story.

So just in case you missed it, here are some pictures of the T running in all its 94 year old glory!

This years fantastic summer students

Driving by the iconic Grain Elevators who call Creston, BC home

What a beautiful blue ribbon…

HERE  is the link to our YouTube channel to for some videos of it running.

Wanna see it?

219 Devon Road, Creston BC

The truck loves company and the spotlight. Hope to see you soon!


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