The Aftermath…Kids Day 2015

It’s funny, because everybody says this about a wedding… “all that work, and prep, and crazyness for ONE day, then the day gets there and it’s a blast and chaos then the next day you are left with your head spinning wondering ‘what happened?’ and everything is so weirdly quiet…”

Kids Day. to a ‘T’.

This is the courtyard this morning…


It is so amazingly serene and tranquil I can’t believe I’m actually sitting indoors typing this right now. You can hear the cows lowing (yes, lowing. it’s a less moo-y word for mooing) down in the fields below…a few of the resident birds are chirping, and if you sit still long enough you might see Walt the Gopher. or Walts kid. or grandkid. or great grandkid. great great grand gopher? you might see the gopher.

It’s hard to believe that just yesterday the yard looked like this…

Screaming and squeeing and laughing and playing and learning EVERYWHERE! And I think we actually beat last years number, we recorded an attendance of 128 for 2015! Not too shabby…it’s amazing what you can pack into this place ๐Ÿ˜‰

But you know what I really love about Kids Day here? That everyone participates together. I think some of the parents had just as much fun as the kids! Which really makes us happy!

The staff really had a good time as well, which I think is pretty important. At one quiet point in the afternoon there was even an impromptu colouring session! Rylan wants to do a Kids Day every month now!! (i actually think he just wants to have an excuse to colour)…He’s absolutely been bit by the Event Bug.

Not to mention the teamwork that was going on.

These siblings —>ย  (with a little help from their mom and Adrianna -one of our volunteers-) made it through the most challenging activity of the day…



Never mind super-challenging for kids…It is super challenging for adults! But these guys stuck it out and got er’ done! Which is seriously impressive. Here is our staff working on it that morning…

The Tug o’ War was sooooo popular, it was kind of a ‘sleeper’ station. An all out battle occured every 5 minutes. Now, watching tiny children pull with all their might and get nowhere is more entertaining than it realistically should be. But I trained one to let go when the other team was ganging up on him and pulling super hard {when he was on his own}, and watch them do backwards tumbles on their rumps. He got a kick out of that too.

A long standing tradition with events here is resurrecting penny candy. Gone are the days when you could purchase candy for a penny, or a nickle even! So, kids participating in events earn pennies to redeem at the General Store for sugary treats. Because we feed children sugar then make them run it off. Rinse and repeat.

The spin off is there is usually left over, which we whole-heartedly take advantage of. because lets be realistic. it won’t last 365 days until next Kids Day ๐Ÿ˜‰

These two half pints seemed to have mastered the art of eating sweets, running around like little mad-men, earning their penny, then coming back huffing and puffing asking for ‘another sour please’…

Look at those faces...just so adorable!

Look at those faces…just so adorable!

We haaave to give an enormous thanks to Overwaitea Foods (Creston) for their incredibly generous donations. Without their help, we couldn’t do the Penny Candy and Ice Cream/Lemonade. They are so awesome, and help us out with almost all our events.

So by the end of the afternoon, when the kids had been all run out, and sunned out, the staff was fairly exhausted too. So with ice cream in hand and probably some of the strangest conversations I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of, [including discovering Ray has a hidden streak of gangster], we closed out the day. Some of us obviously more tuckered than others. But it was great.

Didn’t get a chance to catch Kids Day this year? No worries, it is usually the second Saturday in June. Not to mention we have tons of amazing weekly summer programs coming up. Check out our Facebook page or give us a shout for full details!


Hope to see you soon!


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