2015- The Summer of Time Travel

So, this summer we have basically turned into a time machine.

Not like, physically morphed into some physics and philosophy defying tear in a black hole…no no…that would require too much math and liability waivers.

More like for the first time ever, this summer we have an ENTIRE BROCHURE worth of programs that are so hands on and interactive you might as well have jumped in a time machine and traveled back in time!

Let me just expand on this….

Kids Day <— (link to kids day article)

Generally, the first event of the year is always Kids Day. Second Saturday in June. Eeeeeeeveryone knows about Kids Day by now. This is our annual excuse to go crazy under the guise of ‘education’. The day is set up with activity stations spread out all over the grounds, themed around things that were {generally} crucial to the development of the valley. And stuff we just like. Because it’s fun and messy. I would write an explanation for this section, but that is already done, so I will just leave you with the link to read a previous (and decently thorough) post about kids day.

That rope sure got a workout through the day...one of the morning rounds of Tug o' War

That rope sure got a workout through the day…one of the morning rounds of Tug o’ War


Locals Day

This is a pretty new one. We started this day last year, offering free admission to locals as encouragement to come be curious and investigate some of the back story of our town. But that seemed too simple. We had to jazz it up a little. It has since transformed into a day offering exclusive activities based off a historical aspect of the valley. If all goes as planned, our next Locals Day {July 18} will offer a cooking presentation by The Great Canadian Cooking School, highlighting just how much natural diversity we have in our valley, making scrumptious bites featuring delicious indigenous food, such as naturally occurring fruits & vegetation, mushrooms, wild game etc. If you couldn’t grow it, hunt it, or forage it here, chances were you didn’t have it. But as compared to places like the prairies, it basically had the potential to be a mother nature gourmet buffet here! So the whole hipster trend organic 100mile diet was really a thing here before it was ever a thing. Actually it was probably closer to the 50km diet in reality. But you get the point. Come join us and get in on what our great (and great great, and great great great…) grandparents enjoyed!

Annual Afternoon Tea

This is the event that started it all. It has been a tradition for many a year here at the Creston Museum… the ORIGINAL time travel event! Based on a different Historical theme each year, guests are invited to dress up and join us for tea and dainties on the patio; enjoy tea, lemonade, and a show based around the historical theme of the year (generally performed by our local drama group Footlighters). This event is so popular, we have to book off of reservations and have actually ended up turning people away because we have no room left in any of our THREE seatings!!                                     ~FYI we can fit about 50 people per seating, so 150 people in the span of 3 hours~

We even have a couple that travels over an hour to attend every year. We loooove to hear that. This year’s theme is 1920’s…so bust out your flappers! Rylan is still working out the details of the play, but from what I’ve seen so far, this year is going to be soooo much fun!!


Tuesdays in the School House

Even though we don’t have an entire town that could be restored, we do have some pretty cool things that are still totally functional (my brain on a hot afternoon is not always included on that list). One of those things that IS on the list however, is our 103 year old school house! Built in 1913, this school was used in a tiny community called Kingsgate near the Canada-US border until roughly the late 1920’s-early 1930’s. Records on this school are pretty vague, so our knowledge of many aspects of the running and attendance of it is a little shy at times. It was donated to us in 1996, after being used as a storage shed for many years. It was loaded onto a flat deck, the roof chopped off by a gung-ho helper with a chainsaw (which, it actually kind of had to be anyways because it had to go under a train trestle), the rotted out floor re-done, building placed on a foundation, roof re-attached and structural issues addressed, making it completely and totally 100% useable again!

…minus the working wood stove. I got told no… Tammy says the insurance companies seem to have this thing about ‘‘fire’’ in ‘’wooden buildings’’…yeesh.


What party poopers.

So anyway, since we have been overhauling nearly everything to be completely hands on, naturally we had to have actual lessons in our school house!

Running for about 45-60min every Tuesday, pupils will receive their very own exercise book out of which to complete their lessons and take home as souvenirs, or, bring back to do more lessons! Subjects range from hygiene (just how clean are your fingernails…?) and things good children do to be polite and tidy in public and at home, to the lost art of penmanship, Social Studies revolving around 1920s Canada, recitation and spelling…oh so many things! You will completely forget you are in 2015!

Mr. Lavallee is quite strict about being punctual, however, and tardiness will not be tolerated!


Wednesday Downtown Walking Tours / Rambling Reminiscences

I can’t even begin to say just how very cool this program is. Tammy spent quite a bit of time out east when she was in College/University, and has been to quite a few much larger/well known interpretation centers where it is all done in first person. This has had her thinking for some time that she would love to incorporate that here somehow. But our facility layout, -and the fact that before she was able to hire me, all of her time was taken up with grant applications just to keep the place running- there wasn’t any time to spend on special projects. So now that she has her very own minion {my public title is ‘Program Co-ordinator’. My official job title is actually Minion} to take care of a whole chunk of things she needs to pawn off, there is now time for her to start messing with some ideas she has had on the back burner for quite a while, liiiiike incorporating first person interpretation into our programs! Our facility is fairly small, and has a lot of separate little parts. And although I’m sure we could totally get creative and create a way to make first person interpretation work, it is always so much more fun when it is based in a town. And well, we live in a town…

What if… just what if; a prominent person of the past was to somehow find themselves in the present…? And what if… they were to perhaps guide you through down town as it was in their time?

This is the basis of Wednesday Walking Tours! I am so happy to see this vision of Tammy’s come to life! The bus tours will be just as cool though. I’m not undercutting that. Because we will be using a bus. and rock stars have buses. So basically everyone on those buses are rock stars. Based off a book written by a local quite some time ago, it is a reflection of what the town was like in the past (the past of the time it was written), and looking into the future from the time in the past at the time it was written. Confused yet? Me too. Using pictures pulled from our archives to help you get a visual sense of what the town once looked like, you will be toured all around, from the farms in Erickson through town and back out to Alice Siding (approx. the area of town where we are). Is this not awesome or what? We don’t just tour inside the box. We tour outside the box too.


Thursday Orchard Tours

Creston is an orchard town. Always has been…it is why we are even still in existence today. Of course we all see trees in nice neat rows with beautiful blossoms or fruit growing plentifully on the branches…but what does it actually take to run a successful orchard? It has taken over a year of grant writing, research, program and training material development, building of buildings, and moving of extremely heavy artifacts to make another vision of Tammy’s come to life. The program will guide you through the work of running a successful orchard business from a century ago up until present, and discover the trials, tribulations, similarities, and differences farmers have faced through 100 years time. After an interactive interpretation in the Museum’s new exhibits, hop on a bus [there you go being rock stars again] and be whisked away to a local orchard or farm to hear from an agricultural professional, and maybe even get your hands dirty with a little ‘U-Pick’!


Wildcard Saturdays

I might be slightly biased about this one, but this one is my personal favourite. Wildcard Saturdays…where to begin… Read this article about our upcoming Pioneer Homestead, perhaps it will help fill in a few blanks. Cuz if we are going to roll with the whole amazingly intriguing and fun interactive and immersive time travel education theme…we just couldn’t not do a homestead cabin. I mean really. oh, also, I better put this out there now… it is NOT restricted to children only… we want EVERYONE to come! Families, adults, kids, adults who are really just big kids, seniors, seniors who refuse to grow up…we want you all! And that whole ‘wildcard’ part? well, it is a complete wildcard as to what activity you are going to get! Apart from making ice cream every Saturday afternoon, the other activity will never be posted…  It is a total mystery activity! You have to come join to find out!  From churning butter & ice cream by hand, to doing laundry, handmade crafts & projects, and GOOD GRIEF sooooo much more, once you step in the door the idea of being in 2015 will leave you all together. We seriously can’t wait. I’m not even being dramatic, I was sitting on the cabin floor with just the frame of one wall up typing most of this article this morning because I am so excited 😐

Lastly, not quite so much in the time travel department, but still playing their own big part in helping fill up our brochure, are our day events.

The Quilt Show

Sat, Sept 19 10am-4pm

Held every year, showcases sooooo many quilts, it’s amazing. From very (very) {very} [very very] hand stitched old quilts, to gigantic modern machine quilted quilts, the place is absolutely covered. You NEED to come see, it’s amazing

“The Art of Style”

Aug 29-Sept 19 10am-3:30pm

This is a new exhibit featuring local artist Irwin Crosthwait. A Canyon boy, he grew up, joined the navy as a way to get to Paris, and went on to become one of the foremost fashion artists there during the 1950s and ’60s. Come explore his early life, his naval and artistic careers, and the fashions he sketched.

Evening in the Courtyard

Saturday, Aug 29 7-9pm

This one is going to be so much fun. What better way to wrap up the summer than an evening in our gorgeous courtyard, with local wine (and non-alcoholic local sparkling cider), cheese, meats, and other delicious foods…not to mention an OUTDOOR MOVIE! Bring a blanket, pillows, or lawn chairs and take in the show while enjoying our local delicacies! Attendance is restricted to 19+ though, with limited ticket numbers, so stay tuned for when they go on sale! (First drink included in admission ticket, tickets purchased for subsequent drinks)




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