A little bit of catching up to do…

Wholly mercy it has been a very long time since my last post! But that being said it has been so crazy around this place it’s not even funny! Which, actually, cancels that out and makes it hilarious because we haven’t been this busy…well…ever!

Lets see here…

-Our weekly programs have been up and running, and for a first year reveal, have been doing surprisingly well! Rylan has certainly been on his toes!

-I was able to wear grubby clothes regularly through the month of July to continue getting my hands dirty finishing the homestead (it is mostly usable now!!!)

-Preparing for the Annual Afternoon Tea

-Carying out the Annual Afternoon Tea

-Cleaning up after the Annual Afternoon Tea

-Getting the menu and licenses and stuff ready for the wine and cheese movie night at the end of this month

-Writing more licensing stuff for the wine and cheese movie night

..and now we are almost swinging towards getting ready for our Fall Fair setup 😐

Wheew! Safe to say we havn’t stopped moving. Actually there was a stretch of about 2 weeks I was hardly at my desk! (and I loved it. shhh. don’t tell anyone I said that.)

But now that we have 30 seconds (but no more than) to take a breath, figured it might be good to fill y’all in on the goings on! So here we go. Step by step.


This year we have 4 out of 7 days that have something going on through that day.

Tuesday Lessons in the School House

Wednesday Downtown Tours

(one on foot in the morning and one by bus in the afternoon)

Thursday Orchard Tours

Wildcard Saturday (Homestead based)

The album below is from ‘Wildcard Saturday’, the program designed to be run out of the new Homestead. The basis of this one is to scrap the ‘look don’t touch’ idea, and get EVERYONES hands dirty. This program is open to ALL ages, actual kids and grownups who refuse to act like anything but kids. Or even stodgy adults. We don’t judge here. We have done tons of fun stuff…made pie from SUPER-SCRATCH (aka made butter to make pie crust & used local cherries), to crocheting, to weaving, not to mention making hand made ice cream at the end of every workshop from local organic cream! I put some pictures in an album below of our soap carving workshop. The kids had sooooo much fun!. Even the summer students wanted to get in on this one! (and…ahem…cough…I wanted to too…) This was the last one before the homestead was ‘officially’ ready for use.

Now, we totally expected attendance to be washy at best. It’s a new program and people can be guarded about stuff like this in a small town. I learned this lesson well from working in the Rec Center. But I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the reception! This particular workshop was one of those times where the week before we had a family. That family tells their friends, who bring their family, who bring their other friends family…and before you know it you have half a dozen children hacking at soap! They really did a great job. Some fantastic fish and flowers and the like!

Tuesday Lessons in the School House…this was more of a Wildcard than the Wildcard Saturdays. What kid wants to go to anything even remotely resembling a school in the summer?!?! -translation- Some days Rylan sits in a hot suit in a small un-air conditioned building waiting for people to show up and no one comes. AKA CHARACTER BUILDING FOR YOUR RESUME! hahaha…just kidding. Not really. I’m pretty sure he has grown as a person since. But what can I say. It just has yet to catch on. Then there was that time that Kids showed up to Lessons in the School House so Rylan actually got to teach something! He did such a good job…I really can’t tell you if he had more fun or if the kids did. But besides having an excuse to poke unprovoked fun in his general direction, we also needed a way to test run this program before we offered it out to schools 😛 That’s right! This program isn’t just a summer fling, it is actually a cool custom package that teachers can either rent to teach in their class, have one of us come in and teach it, or bring the kids to the school house to really experience school in the 1920’s!


Another pilot program is the Orchard Tour. In this intensive program, we take visitors on an in-depth tour…through time… *cue sparkly wooshy magical noise*

mmk. Well, maybe not as much through time as the Downtown tours do, but the relative idea revolves around stepping into the shoes of Orchardists from a century ago in a hands on game involving decisions about plantings & crops, spraying, and oodles more. It’s kind of like The Game of Life, or Monopoly. Except you are less likely to destroy long time friendships, relationships, and entire family units over this game. After your enlightenment of the behind the scenes here at the Museum, visitors hop a bus with us and we go to a local farm to see the principles that were just learned in action! and eat fresh fruit. Zero objections there!

Although I don’t have any pictures of our town tours (we have two, one on a large automobile, and a good old fashioned foot tour) just yet, it is pretty cool. Tammy dresses up in 1920’s fashion, and leads guests through the town describing it as it would of been in ‘her’ time (aka. Mrs. Mallandaine, a distinguished and quite adventuresome lady of the town in the 20’s who came here in 1904). A good friends great grandson in the future has invented ‘an application on his telephone’ that allows her to not only speak on a telephone, but also travel through time with it! For some reason though, she is unable to take anybody back to her time with it though. This is why she packs a plethora of pictures. [say that ten times fast 😉 ] I’m planning on joining a tour soon though so I can see her in action and take lots of pictures for you guys. But of course, seeing it in person is always best. wink. wink. nudge. nudge. wink.


ahhh yes…the pet project. It is fully recognizable as a place that may at one time have been civilly inhabited! sans furniture & shelving. but that is a project for this fall. There will have to be a whole-nother post about it finished, but here is a decent sneak peek for you!



The fireplace looks pretty real, doesn’t it?! Now to drag out one of the cast iron kettles…

Getting it to this point was definitely a great excuse to bust out the work gloves and old jeans. There was a small crew working on it, so I didn’t get to do much in the way of construction and use of power tools {although we do have a beautiful Dewalt drill that I have got my paws on a few times…*snickersnicker*} … but most of the finishing was all up to me. Oh, wait…actually, I did power wash and sand the wainscotting before it was put up. So that was a mouse sander and power washer. 3 power tools used. bahahaha.


Wholly goodness, what a whirlwind!! (and I didn’t even really have much to do with it!) The Annual Afternoon Tea is a tradition here at the Museum. The recent addition of a changing theme each year has really been a hit! (we really encourage visitors to dress up. Because, hey. Who doesn’t like dressing up?) This years theme was ‘Roaring 20’s’. After the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ came out, the 20’s was the obvious choice at the front of everyones minds. Thaaaaaat, and we just did 1914 last year so it was also the logical chronological progression. [ouch. i think i sprained my tongue saying that one!] But it was really fun! Sparkles and beads and Charleston dancers… our 1921 Model T Ford Truck even made an appearance! I was up in the kitchen this year doing one of my favourite jobs (plating desserts…can you blame me though?), so I wasn’t on the patio, but the parts I did see were absolutely adorable! Rylan did a fantastic job of the play this year. He took a slightly un-conventional approach and made it more like clips of a newspaper coming alive! The guests absolutely loved it. Have you not experienced The Tea before?

Well if you haven’t enjoyed the tea and lemonade and dainties and desserts and drama that is THE ANNUAL AFTERNOON TEA

you should come.

rly. you should.

Not your thing? We could always use volunteers too. Just sayin. It’s really fun! {pssst…we get to eat leftovers 😉 }


Well, it’s been in the works for a while, and things are finally coming together! There has only been one near nervous breakdown over the menu ~not bad if I do say so myself!~ So with the date only two weeks away, all the finalizing is getting finalized, lists are being listed…you know the drill! It is kind of weird though, because half of my work week is weekends when others are not working so phone calls have been pretty one sided. 😀 But that’s ok! Just forces me to be a little more organized haha. The theme of this evening actually revolves around two nebuli. The first one is an exhibit on a local Canyon boy named Irwin Crosthwait who went on to become one of the most influential fashion illustrators of the 50s and 60s. It wasn’t what he actually wanted to do, he wanted to do his own art, but fashion in Paris really took a shining to his style, and it payed the bills, so he stuck with it. You have more than likely seen either his work, or work imitating his style, even if you live under a rock like me.

The second one, is local. All about local. Local food. Local drink. Local entrepreneurs.

When you are as blessed as we are in this town as we are with food, why the heck wouldn’t you take full advantage of it? Saturday farmers market is an incredible place to go see a wide variety of valley goodies…Farmers of all sorts… veggies, fruit, meat, honey… if you heard about that 100mile diet fad a few years back…let me tell you. It’s a buffet here! So hosting a Wine and Cheese movie night with as much local as possible was a no brainer. High quality goodies, and creating bonds with local businesses? YES PLEASE!

The wineries that will be contributing (Skimmerhorn and Baillie Grohman) have won many an award, enough to give even international wines a run for their money! Check out their sites to see some of their awards. They are located side by side on a very unique bench of land in Erickson (a sub community). It is the only one in Creston suitable for wine grapes, so their vineyards can’t really grow…just makes their wine more exclusive 😉

Kootenay Alpine Cheese will also be sponsoring us with a donation of their Nostrala (my personal favourite) and Alpindone cheeses. Their operation is organic, with a very special mix of cow breeds to get a very specific milk mix to produce these unique cheeses. They are also a very green facility, using geo thermal, gravity, solar, the works!

As for the movie, we will probably do an Audrey Hepburn fashion movie. Outside. Seating is a blanket (or pillow. or camping chair) from home on the lawn.

Of course to go with all of this, there are the licensing hurdles. Liquor licensing, Temporary Food Service Permits, Movie screening rights…oh all that fun stuff. As per usual, there is always something pop up, but what fun would planning an event be if that didn’t happen every now and again? {cough…sarcasm…cough}

Tickets are $20 each and include your first drink. Give us a call to reserve your ticket, or come into the office to purchase it. I don’t recommend purchasing at the door as we only have 50 tickets available. The schoolyard saying “you snooze you loose” is absolutely applicable here!


So after the Wine & Cheese movie night is done, we will have just under 2 weeks to put together our exhibit for the Fall Fair. It won’t be too bad though, considering it is on agriculture. Fair-ly fitting …. hee. hee. hee. A good chunk of our collection is somehow tied to agriculture, we shouldn’t have a difficult time finding fun, funky, interesting pieces to display! I’m really excited to show off the homestead activities though! Since, you know, the homestead was based off the activities of an agricultural family starting out. But who are we kidding. I’m most excited to see the calves and bunnies. I just love the smell of woodchips and horses and/or dairy cows. Call me crazy. It’s great.

Wanna see some of the stuff I’m talking about or have any questions about our new programs? Stop in, give us a call, or leave a comment below!


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