It might just be me, but it feels almost as if someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden it’s fall!



The students are all done for the season, Tammy and I are all bundled up in sweaters and jackets (don’t you eye-roll me…there was fresh snow on the mountains the morning I started writing this!) {that was a couple weeks ago now… :S yes, it’s been slightly busy here}, and we are -read: were- in full on prep-mode getting ready for the Fall Fair and the annual Quilt Show. [both of witch have now been and gone]

Pretty sure I say it every year, “It’s Fall Fair already?!…huh… :/ ” and vow not to let this season sneak up on me like that again next year; and every year, it inevitably does. It’s like a lady I used to work with at the Rec Center. I am 99.935721% sure sneaking up on people and scaring their socks off was her super power. Although fall didn’t scare my socks off, it snuck up almost as stealthily.


EEEEEEnyways…true to the theme of the fair, we did an ‘Agriculture in the Valley’ exhibit. Everyone loves being able to take a look into the past, especially the past of something familiar, such as your home town, and seeing the differences. This block that went from orchard to housing, that building before it underwent multiple renovations…

Can you guess what part of town this is? *hint* it's now a major highway...

Can you guess what part of town this is? *hint* it’s now a major highway…

This year, one of the summer students had a few research projects as her job. She put together the Crosthwait exhibit ( you really should come take a look at it. It is truly spectacular. Don’t know who I’m talking about? Well there’s one more reason you need to come see it!) One of her other jobs was compiling material for the Fall Fair. A nice perk about this one is that when we do a merciless clean out of the Carr Building, (remember the shed?) we should be able to stack it safely and pull it out again when we need a last minute exhibit! (because as you’ve probably noticed, we always have time to design intricate displays 😐 ). I think it looks great, but that’s just me. {I might be a little biased.}

Now, compared to last years behemoth display (we had almost an entire side of an isle to ourselves), this year was pretty simplistic for a variety of reasons. BUT! Tammy and I usually keep an ace up our sleeves for just such occasions 😉 We did something just a touch different this year…


Yup! That’s right! We have a really nice (new) ‘retro style’ bike, valued at around $200, a Canucks hockey jersey, and a Museum Events gift pack! Tickets are only $2, or 3 for $5… so… if you can buy a cup of coffee… I’m pretty sure you can come take a chance on these cool prizes. And even if you aren’t a Canucks fan (*cough*im not*cough*) chances are, you know someone who is. And you know Christmas is only a little ways away, and you could literally become a hero {but just no capes} to someone for being awesome enough to get them this gift. Or, you know…if you are a fan yourself…you can keep it…no matter to us! The Museum Gift Pack will have tickets to a variety of events held throughout the year, such as Kids Day, Afternoon Tea, and Evening in the Courtyard…it’s about a $50 value!



After the Fall Fair comes [came] the Quilt Show on September 19.

The extremely talented quilting ladies that occupy the Carr Building did this beautiful quilted panel panorama wall hanging of the valley. It is ENORMOUS and for Sale!

Did you know one year we had so many quilts we actually had them covering the fronts of businesses downtown?!?! This is not a figment of my overly dramatic imagination trying to pull your leg, I’m actually serious.  See for yourself!

quilts 1                       quilts 2


Like the afternoon tea, the Quilt Show has become quite the staple in our repertoire of goings on. We absolutely COVER the place in quilts…we have had years where there are tents outside, and every conceivable space, both flat AND vertical. It was basically a maze forest of the fabric variety. (200 quilts will do that) There really is quite the collection…century old hand quilted pieces from our storage, brand new machine sewn king sized masterpieces,  (I seriously couldn’t stay away from the one last year, I wish I had a picture of it…), and even a few hand sewn ‘scrap quilts’. The quilts themselves aren’t actually ‘scraps’ so to speak, just the shapes and squares made out of scrap pieces to use them up. This is actually a long standing quilting tradition, especially since fabric could be expensive, so you wanted to use as much as possible. There was one just being finished last year, all by hand! The squares were about 1”x1”,the quilt was KING SIZED, and it was all done with scrap fabric.


I can’t even tell you the respect I have for that quilter.


I can’t.


I just… can’t even.


*pumpkin spice everything*


Actually, it’s is kind of cool, I didn’t know this until I started looking into quilts for an activity here. The pattern of a quilt is not always just a mish-mash of randomly selected and stitched chunks and/or pretty patterns. The design of the blanket may actually be telling a story! There are lots of different patterns, like the wedding ring pattern, or the wagon wheel, or the flying geese… there is a very interesting story about quilts playing a major role in the Underground Railway & the process of slaves in the US deep south escaping to freedom. Since everyone hung their bed linen out to air and dry, no one would ever suspect a quilt draped out the window or hanging on the line as a covert means of communication! Here are some more links to some interesting information.





At the same time I learned about the Underground Railroad, I discovered a theory about the oldest known ‘quilt’, claiming it was found in Egypt! I wonder if they put cats on their quilts? (Egyptians loved cats) There were cats on EVERYTHING, on their statues… on their hieroglyphs… why not their quilts? But I also found a link to an incredibly old Italian Quilt… I put pictures below that I changed the colour and contrast on so you could see the design better…they are really quite intricate!

italian quilt italian quilt 2

Some of the ladies that quilt here are just so incredibly talented, it’s actually inspired me to try quilting a little. But much like my indecisiveness over simple things such as what to order off a menu…I still haven’t decided on a pattern to start with :/ so practicing stitches on pot holders it is!!

So now that the show is done, there is a Mongo stack of bins to get sorted and go back up the stairs…

if you have watched blazing saddles, no explanation is needed...

if you have watched blazing saddles, no explanation is needed…

Well, I think that juuuuust about catches you up…except for the Evening in the Courtyard event. I will start working on a separate post for that one to fill you in in case you didn’t make it. Now, it’s time to grab me a tea, and start working on next years calendar and planning even more crazy 😉